Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trump ain't a trump card

(Just three days before Super Tuesday 2016)

At least that's what I hope. No matter how hard he tries I see no way Donald Trump could ever become president of the United States. Yes, I know things are bad in many ways and situations, but I do not think the American people would turn crazy just over a few stunts by that crazy guy with the yellow hair.

Of course many people got fed up with Obama and misread some of his proposals. And also he fell short on many promises. And the conservative America just had enough of eight years of a black guy at the helm. He may not rate as a GREAT president, but it seems he has carried the office with fairness. Having the House and the Senate totally against him did not make the job easy either. As a lame duck, save some big event, one cannot expect much more out of his presidency. The (domestic) economy is faring reasonably well and the money people--and the Chinese--are getting ahead despite stock market and oil prices roller coaster.

The presidential race looks like it’s going to be much more about personalities than about issues. Trump may well be the Republican candidate, but he will lose the presidential election. Hillary should lead the Democratic ticket, but that’s not yet clear. Bernie Sanders looks like an excellent person but, correct me if I’m wrong, he is too Jewish, too socialist and too pacifist for the Middle America taste.

Obviously that’s the view from this side of the pond. I feel am getting the same feeling the people of Tarraco had, way back in the 1st century, when the Roman emperors were elected: it will certainly concern my life, but there is nothing I can do about it. Until an emperor was a local (for Hispania) guy: Trajan, Hadrian…
My friend TTR commented:

As for me, I do not like any of them, right or left. What a shame that Democrats can not come up with a better, more decent candidate than HRC. Bernie Sanders is not going anywhere. He won New Hampshire and that will be it. May be Massachusetts.
Trump seemed unstoppable till 2 days ago when Rubio started attacking him very directly with issues that could be damaging.
Actually, this election is much more than personalities. There is a long list of issues that are at stake, including border security, poverty in some sectors, big discrepancies  between the very rich and the rest, health care, leadership in the country and abroad, revision of the existing trade agreements, what to do with ISIS, who is best in controlling the legal flight of investment and tax avoidance, who will handle the enormous national debt, and on and on. And now that Scalia died, who will be his successor? Republicans may block Obama"s nominee but if HRC wins she will bring in judges of left persuasion so the country will have that in mind also when they choose a President. 
I find the process fascinating and have followed every detail of it.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Polítics i tertulians

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