Sunday, April 03, 2016

The crisis of the Spanish state

It is not easy to give a start date of the current deep crisis in Spain, even to regret it. It seems that  they earned it on their own. Without a government, with a serious institutional conflict, the breach of commitments to economic Europe and a future full of uncertainties, is all very disappointing.

In recent years, the government with an absolute majority of the right has not allowed a quiet consolidation to help overcome the economic depression generated in the international arena. The rot has been the dominant factor of the Popular Party. Rotten corruption of the same party and a large crowd of its leaders, even its own president, did not find out regeneration. The bastard use of institutions, especially the third power, justice, broke the little credibility they could have. Above all that, the most recent refusal to be accountable before the Congress, completes the brittle fiction the three powers drag since the end of the Franco dictatorship.

On top of all that, it has been just 20 months since the head of state of a restored monarchy of dubious legality, had to leave through the back door and hurriedly in the middle of a tangle of personal and family problems. And, at least from one can see in the media, no one knows where to. His daughter and son-in-law indicted and under trial for a money scam and tax evasion.

When five years ago, at night and with treachery, the major parties PSOE and PP, without consulting the constituency, reformed the so many times consecrated Spanish Constitution, just to ingratiate themselves with the European masters of money. Now they remain unfulfilling their commitments of debt, that they call the "deficit", and even the shameless minister Montoro has the cheek to say it is the fault of the governments of the autonomous regions.

In an interview with that peculiar presidential candidate Donald Trump, talking about the position of the Catholic Church, the interviewer warns that "the US is not Spain" where the Church plays a determinant role in the state. Perhaps it is only the opinion of a television interviewer. Or not.

All this they did it by themselves, the all-powerful state of high officials, attorneys of the state, corporative aristocrats, entrenched Madrid politicians, the Church and the royalty. They have not counted on the Spanish people, and even less on the Catalan people, continually belittled, insulted and financially abused .

Is anyone surprised that the majority of Catalans want to take the reins of their destiny? That they want to decide, and if a majority agreement is reached, leaving Spain? Obviously this is why they do not even want to ask a question in a referendum.

If asked, the only answer is YES.