Thursday, August 21, 2014

Agost, el mes d'August

Fa 2.000 anys que morí Octavi Cèsar August, primer emperador de Roma, que va viure més de dos anys a Tarraco, comferint a la ciutat, capital de la Hispania Citerior, la capitalitat de l'imperi. D'August ens queda el record cada vuitè mes del calendari. ( A DiariMés. edició del 21 d'agost 2014


Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Gone with the wind

Article publicat a DiariMés avui, 5 d'agost, 2014. I sota la traducció a l'anglés.

English translation:

Gone with the wind

"The revolution devours its own children”. The sentence was attributed to Maximillien Robespierre, as he was way to the guillotine to be beheaded in 1794. However, the phrase is attributed in origin to the Girondist Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud. Among other reasons because Robespierre had tremendous jaw injury and could not speak.

What is currently happening in Catalonia is not (yet), by any stretch of the imagination, a real revolution. Indeed, however, it is a period of great change. And the changes are also of some protagonists of the political scene. Within weeks we have seen disappear from the stage of politics in this corner of Europe, through the side door of the scenario, the head of the state, the opposition leader in the state and also his counterpart and party colleague in Catalonia, and the man who has been president of the Generalitat for nearly a quarter century. A superficial analysis can attempt to determine that each case is different, and possibly individually the result of various circumstances, distant or out of its time.
The head of state, King of Spain, abdicated. This may seem an initiative, shall we say, "sovereign". By his own regal will. But forced by situations and circumstances that include a personal history hardly justifiable, when it became evident his adventures elephant hunter in the company of a woman who was not his. His ageing and health problems, though evident, have been denied by the crown. The precipitation that has surrounded the abdication, with a special law passed in haste, followed by protection of impunity also validated in a hurry, points clearly to a political decision and, surely, imposed.
The leaders of the thus far majority opposition party, the PSOE and its version the Socialist Party of Catalonia, had quit in quick succession because the lack of support among their own followers. The landmark may well have been the results of the disastrous European elections.
Jordi Pujol, the great leader, now retired, of the conservative coalition that has governed Catalonia over 23 years, immolated himself revealing fiscal irregularities involving his family, but in magnitudes yet to clarify that question seriously his personal and political integrity.
But, from my personal point of view, these events all recognize the coincidence in time with the progress of the process for the independence in Catalonia. The abdication of the king could have prepared better, more quietly and with a sound legal support. It was the prospect of a period of uncertainty next autumn, which has put fear that simply could not be carried out, lacking the parliamentary majority necessary to pull it out.
The Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba political life could be well finished after the electoral defeat in May 25th. He lingered on but only to support the hasty decisions of "the state", which may not be supported by his successor. Pere Navarro was blown in the wind by the separatist faction of his own party, split in half, or perhaps more than half.
If were it not by extraordinary pressure of the independence movement, is more than possible that Jordi Pujol had continued concealed by their coreligionists and not really pursued by the central government tax people.
Those who insist that Catalonia's independence is impossible, certainly around last Christmas also would considered impossible for the Bourbon king, Jordi Pujol, Rubalcaba and Pere Navarro would not be around by the end of the first half of the year. Not that they were impediments to the process, alas! there are others, but the dynamics of the events directly caused by the independence movement, have blown them aside. And we will see many others before the end of the year.