Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A day in court (more on child abuse)

Four months alter the affair described in the previous entries the case was brought to court. The father, allegedly responsible of the child injuries, was indicted as the sole perpetrator of the battering. He was found guilty of two charges of child maltreatment and eventually sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment, fined 12.000€ and a restraining order not to contact the child in ten years.

The court accepted that the child had been injured in two occasions, two months apart. No mention was made of the fact that the first incident, reported to the court and Child Protection services, did not prompted any action, allowing for the second battering to take place.

This did not surprise me. But it really made me mad and I could not help myself but to go to the press. I published an article in the local press that reproduced part of a recent paper on child abuse I published in a Social Work journal, with a strong criticism to the judiciary and the Child protection services.

A rough translation from Spanish of a excerpt follows:

“…probable, the worst aggression against the rights of children is the one perpetrated by those designed by society precisely of their protection. The shiftlessness, the laziness, the incompetence of agencies and their professionals and officials in situations of child abuse is the worst treason that can be inflicted to a minor and his rights…
… the cronyism of the judges, the cover up policies of government agencies, more interested in preserving their lazy seats is of no use to defend the trampled rights of the victims of abuse and represents no guaranties for future victims under the present circumstances….”

A full text can be found in Agathos, num. 3, sept 2007, pp 28-34, ISSN 1578-3103.

Even though I have proof that the text has been not just read, but reviewed both by the judges and the Child Protection agency officials, no one has dared to answer or comment publicly.

I do not know whether this affair is finally over. I expected some reaction to my -say-exploits but nothing is coming my way just yet. I am bracing myself because I trust no one and it would not surprise me some delayed action of reprisal. Will see. And, no one doubt it, I will respond in kind.

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