Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting my kicks in Route 66

Well, yeah! I’m driving all the way on Highway 66. I mean I’m going to travel through my 66th year.

Actually I realized I had just driven through it as I celebrate my 66th birthday, which means I am beginning to live the 67th year of my life. Anyway, it’s just a literary reference to the Mother Road, the US Highway 66 of old.

I had the opportunity drive all the way from Oklahoma City to Los Angeles through most of its miles in the spring of 1969 on VW “Beetle”, with some side trips to Los Alamos, The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. It was really an adventurous trip, camping by the Pecos river and ending up in the Pacific shore at Malibu.

This new Highway 66 will take me through my first year in a new position as consultant after retiring from my long held post as head of my service. Freed from management responsibilities I’ll have plenty of time for more creative activities.

But most of all, if everything holds, I’ll try to enjoy every “mile”, every day and all along trying to keep some record of whatever the road takes me through.


Josep said...

Congratulations!!!! Have a happy trip!

edu comelles said...

the road is everything!

edu comelles said...

felicitats by the way!