Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Desunited Kingdom

That shaky union with the Continent was probably not meant to last, so it was not surprise David Cameron's jump off the European wagon. But I've come to believe it was not politics but rather financial reasons to it. Sure Cameron will clame he is defending Britain independence and give bay to euroexceptics. "Merkozy" scare the hell out of many Britons as too nosy. But it's the City who is not ready for controls. Along with Wall Street have been the major culprits of the finacial megacrisis and they are still making money from it.
No doubt Britain is closer to Canada or even New Zealand in regards to money matters than to Brussels and it's going to be that way for some time to come.
But for Europeople a desunited Britain is just as good. Many have the feeling that it's not that they wanted out but, rather, that Europe have dumped them.
The (near) future will tell.

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