Thursday, December 18, 2014

Spain's Attorney General resigns

...sort of.
Actually, it is quite clear His Honor Eduardo Torres Dulce has been sacked. Theoretically the law does not allow the dismissal of an Attorney General (Fiscal General del Estado), even though when elected, the AG is appointed by the government (the executive) through a proposal to the Parliament.

Everybody (journalists, pundits,etc.) agreed the reason being the Catalan bid for Independence, usually known as "Procés soberanista". The differences of legal criteria between the Fiscalia de Catalunya , the State Attorneys for the Catalan region, the central Government and the Attorney General, about the indictment of the President de la Generalitat currently leading the "Procés", this past November, generated quite a row between the different levels of power.

The Catalan State Attorney thought there were no grounds for the indictment, the government pushed the AG to impose his authority in collision with a proper separation of powers, to what he eventually abide, but on his reluctance he has been forced to resign.

Not that the AG would by any stretch of the imagination be in favor of the Catalan "Procés". He is an ultraconservative member of the Opus Dei and with a peculiar self-righteous personality. His resignation has been more of a stand up for the very charter of the office of AG.

The interference by the executive of the Popular Party is well beyond any turf war. It is the utter exercise of power in disrespect for all the democratic principles of separation of powers by a bunch of thugs whose cradle was Franco's dictatorship. Once they got a absolute majority in the last general elections, no only forgot and forfeited all their electoral promises but they exercised the most hideous "by decree" politics not only against the people but also against common sense.

The AG Torres Dulce joints the list of political figures getting out of the way this year of 2014, which includes the former king Juan Carlos, the opposition leader Mr. Rubalcaba, the Minister of Justice Gallardón, the former President of the Catalan Generalitat Jordi Pujol, and a few other smaller fishes. In my humble opinion (IMHO) all of them as a consequence, one way or another, of the "Procés", as I have mentioned in other occasion ( 

We are yet to see a few more before the end of the year.


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