Monday, December 08, 2008

A nuclear war in the foreseeable future

It is not just that the US and the Russian Federation nuclear arsenals are alive and ready. So much talk about the danger of Iran pursuit of becoming a nuclear power and very little on how India and Pakistan got to be such powers in the not so recent past.

India in 1974 carried out its first nuclear bomb test. Pakistan in 1998, although many think they have had operational nuclear devices since the mid 80’s

Up until the early sixties in the US all new buildings were required to provide a fallout shelter. School children and factory workers had occasional drills of evacuation and refuge seeking and posters like the one in the picture abounded, indicating areas where, supposedly, one could be protected from the consequences of a nuclear bombardment.

Hollywood has insisted in make us remember the dangers of a nuclear war. “The day after” is an American television movie, which aired on November 20, 1983, on the ABC Television Network. It was a tremendous recount of what could happen after an attack with intercontinental missiles with nuclear warheads. More recently CBS has shown the series “Jericho” with more of a survivalism undertone.

GW Bush was stupid enough to be nuclear dangerous. Vlad Putin is much smarter, but no one can trust him. And there is no way to know how much he controls of the nuclear arsenals left in Ukraine and some of the other former USSR republics.
I read recently that North Koreans have put an end to their nuclear plans, but with the India and Pakistan conflict in the make, there are just too many nuclear devices around the world susceptible to explode without much warning.

Perhaps I am growing of age so that I do not give a damn what could happen should a nuclear war was ever unleashed. I do not think it would be worth to live in a devastated world. That is why I think, along with my fellow doctors of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War organisation who won the Nobel Peace price in 1985, that all nuclear devices should be destroyed. I do not want to have the chance to decide what to do should a nuclear holocaust ever happen.

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