Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Fourth of July

One more year Americans will celebrate the anniversary of the signature of the Declaration of independence, approved by the Second Continental Congress two days before, in 1776. Another good summer day for fireworks, barbecues, family gatherings, ceremonies, baseball games, picnics, parades, carnivals, fairs, concerts,  and political speeches.

Already in the run for this year’s presidential election, as becomes to leap years, I do not know what is what most Americans celebrate. But in my view it should be the contested Obamacare, the recently approved by the Supreme Court Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Way back when I first visited the US it called my attention the government health matters were assigned to an almighty department of Health, Education and Welfare, all bunched together but with different and peculiar budget assignments. Health was basically “public health” whereas health care was private. Education provided for free education up to Senior High. And Welfare, always stingy, but at least in the two states I knew best, New York and Oklahoma, for instances lavishly provided for single moms families. I just could not understand Medical care was not covered and paid for by some taxing system. At the time I was enjoying double coverture as my Fulbright Scholarship provided for full medical care and at the same time, the university paid Blue Cross coverage for us residents. I could not believe that many of the patients I was taking care of could not afford the care they were getting.

I know that many Americans feel the the Affordable Care Act will be a costly mess. And I am sure there will be situations of gross mismanagement. But that is true too for the paid for care. Currently 35% of the cost of medical care provided by HMO's is diluted in administration: there I see a whole world needed of improvement.
Whenever the fat is streamlined of the HMO's I will be ready to review the goods and evils of ACA.
Meanwhile I wish everyone who will benefit from Obamacare a very happy Fourth of July.

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