Sunday, September 01, 2013

Doctor's plight

"How the fuck am I supposed to do good medicine on 50 patients a day? Plus rounds, and phone calls every day with family...
Fucking idiots, telling you, "No, you're wrong," because they looked it up on the Internet.
I fight over billing, I fight over prescription coverage. The insurance companies are dedicated to not paying you. And the big law firms, man, they're just waiting. They're just betting you're going to make that one big mistake.

This profession for me, it was a higher calling. You know? Make people's lives better. And look at me."

That's the tirade Hank Azaria blurts while impersonating Dr. Knight, a G.P. in the 2010 romantic comedy "Love & other drugs".

Romantic comedy or not, the film offer of unabashed criticism of the health system in the US in the 1990's is worth considering. The underlaying Parkinson's disease of the lead character of Anne Hathaway confronted her counterpart Jake Gyllenhaal, impersonating a drug sales representative, carries the weight of the story. But is not just another boy-loves-sick-girl story, as the world of the drug companies sale practices comes up front in all its crudity.

I do not think Obamacare is going to change much of that.


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