Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Borbon king is out

This is a transcription of emails with friends just yesterday:

So there.

Things seem to be moving quite rapidly. No matter what they say, I have little doubt in my mind the results of the European elections have triggered the King's decision to abdicate.
Or rather the Rajoy's government bending to indications by the powers that be (the army, the money, the church...) to force the king out, so the prince could have a possibility to reach the crown with the consent of the Spanish parliament with its current composition of a conservative majority. Something that could not be possible in a few months time.
The way the event has been presented: first a declaration of the government and then, after a long six hours with repeated postponements, the broadcasting of the previously recorded king's declaration. No mention of the king`s ill health and different ailments as having any bearing in the decision. It is then just a political one.

Some claim the Spanish people have been cheated out of an opportunity to have a more representative Parliament of the current political situation in Spain.

As for Catalonia, although some "possibilists" consider the new king could have a better understanding of the Catalan situation. I, personally, do not give a damn. That should be a problem for Spain, while Catalonia should "keep calm and keep on the path for independence".

Symbolically no Philip the VI could ever be any better than Philip the V.

And, as a pediatrician knowing the peculiarities of Biology, I cannot accept genetics should play any role in the destiny of nations.

Visca la Republica Catalana!

I fully agree with you. All the factors you have mentioned are very likely. Juan Carlos also needed a period of moral rehab after the Botswana debacle. The flurry of activities outside the Peninsula seemed to be orchestrated to improve his stance before abdicating. I also wonder if it became important to stop being the king  because his daughter is about to be indicted.
 I understand that, outside Catalunya and Euskadi, Felipe has a rather high approval rate. If that's what they want, fine with me.. Eventually there probably be a referendum. Let the people decide, which could not be done at the time of the Transition, as we all know.
As for Catalunya, tt is very important now to conduct all its affairs in a clean, just, calm and determined way. I understand that there is agreement in the Govern regarding a budget. This, of course, is crucial. Then a huge Diada. And then determination to move ahead with a referendum on 9-November.
Visca la Republica Catalana Independent!!!

I also agree with you both. May I add that in this moment I see something else; it could be very well that now will be  more feasible a Constitution reform and in this pack may go what they think may be involved : the key to re float the Catalan problem with some much broader autonomy and new  financial pact  WE should not accept that. This is just a thought

Wish everybody in Catalonia would share these views.

More to follow.

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