Friday, October 17, 2014

Catalonia: current events

I was going to write this perhaps Sunday afternoon, right after the new big rally in Barcelona`s Plaça de Catalunya. But things are moving in a way that I just thought I should point out some details of current events.

This past Monday announcement by Artur Mas that they were going to abide by the Constitutional Court ruling on the "referendum-like consult" and do something else, felt like a set back. And the ensuing proposal of a sort of "non official" survey added some confusion that hit badly many independentist Catalans. It has taken two or three days to recover the impulse. For a couple of days the campaign "Ara és l'hora" and actions to show colors (yellow) stopped. Now it`s all back on track.
Tomorrow (for saturday) in Tarragona will set in motion the door-to-door poll, aimed mostly just to show around to everybody what`s going on rather than an actual poll. After that`s done the voluntaries and everybody who wants it will attend a rally+vermut at the Balcón del Mediterraneo park. Local (regional) politicians like Josep Andreu and some media personalities will be speaking at the rally. That's in the line of festive celebrations are carried out all over the country to get support for the independence.
This morning Mr. Junqueras got emotional at a radio interview. Funny seeing such a big fellow sobbing about we were running out of time...
The civil leaders of the grass root movement, Carme Forcadell i Muriel Casals (they are both rather unsophisticated persons but highly determined) met Artur Mas yesterday. And with Oriol Junqueras today. Whatever they told them will not be public until Sunday at the plaça de Catalunya. But my inside information says they fronted them with three issues:

1 Exigence of unity of all the independentist parties whatever it takes

2 They (ANC and Omnium) will support the mobilization for the 9Nov poll, and whatever the results, a call for general elections within 2-3 months with the Declaration of Independence as key issue  

3 Promote a joint candidacy of united parties and civil society

They also demanded the catalan government to start legal actions in the European courts against the central Spanish Government on the grounds of civil liberties impediments.

Sunday's rally promises to be just as massive as all the previously held. 

What may happen in the coming days:
Rajoy's government may just ignore 9N poll in its current form (it would be their wisest move) as irrelevant, or
They may take it to the TC and make it illegal once more. As no "official" resources will be used there is no easy way to enforce any prohibition.
Catalans are going to go to vote with a vengeance (I think)
Either way, it will be a good show for foreign press (some hotels in Barcelona are already booked up for that day) and the European public opinion.
On the 10th, Artur Mas will announce general elections. By regulation, polls can be set 52 days after they have been announced. That puts us in the middle of the Holiday's Season, so most likely the call will be delayed to around the first day of 2015, to be held on or around the 22nd of February.

The question is going to be whether the leading man on the lists would be the incumbent Artur Mas, our sobbing big guy Mr. Junqueras or someone else: a widely accepted candidate to be the president of the Catalan Republic!!!
My bet would be on a lady. I’ll let you guess who.  

That, or la Guardia Civil taking over la Generalitat, just as they have done last night taking over the town hall of Alcanar, the last (or the first, depending how you look at it) town of Catalonia on some trumped charges of municipal malfeasance. 12 hours later they have set the mayor and his deputy free without charges without a judge intervention.
If they do, then we will be independent.


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