Monday, June 29, 2015

Current events (End of June 2015)

This I share with my fiends:

Racial violence in the US. I haven't read enough about the American Civil War but to me it seems slavery was only part of the problem. A very important one, but I got to sense a strong patriotism and anti-big government and independence feelings amongst the rebels. Regretfully today's racial violence and crimes are not circumscribed to the South. Civil wars are not through in just one generation. They drag on and on. See the Carlists wars in Spain. Some say the ETA conflict was the last Carlist war...

Guns and violence. A guy with a gun is bound to shoot somebody. I see no sense in taking away the Confederate flag. Take the guns away instead.

Jihadi terrorism. Last Friday episodes in France, Tunisia and Kuwait City may or may not be connected. But they are connected for sure with the Charlie Hebdo shootings a few weeks ago.
The "We are Charlie" (Je suis Charlie) of solidarity, would now be "we are...what?" "Tourists?"
There is a war out there and the front line is fuzzy. No drone bombings are going to end it.
New defense strategies and new weapons are needed. Like other wars not yet won (the drug war, etc.): follow the money.

Lone wolves. There is not such a thing as lone wolves. Just packs, with members acting individually with sharp fangs. Hunt the pack. They did that in Galicia with the real wolves and extinguished the species in those parts.

Gay marriage. All for it. For what silly reason the gays should be spared the miseries of marriage?

Local news.
Difteria. The death of a difteria child victim after four weeks in the ICU, closed another chapter of the vaccination struggle. Too bad. Two hundred and twenty years of existence and the vaccines and still need fighting for.

Christian Democrats. The until now partner of the ruling party in Catalonia, Unió Democràtica de Catalunya (UDC) is split down the middle over the independence issue. Does anyone care? Less than 3000 card carrying member took part in the poll to decide on the issue in the face of the elections next September 27 (27S). Minority organizations like Procés Constituent , led by an university professor and a radical nun, claim a 49.000 fee paying membership.

Artur Mas. The current president de la Generalitat a Catalonia has made a stronger than ever statement for the Catalan independence asking the political and civil organizations to rally around him facing the elections in 27S  and pursuing government actions to create statehood structures to guarantee the process of independence. The Spanish central government just plans to take the whole shebang to the courts, Supreme and Constitutional, forgetting that old Gipsy curse: "Pleitos tengas, y los ganes" : May you have litigations, and even win them...
Assemblea Nacional Catalana. (ANC) Major organizer of massive rallies with a widespread grassroots base proposed its members to join forces towards the 27S elections with other political organizations and parties... but with a rather convoluted question resembling a Vatican proposal concocted by a Jesuit coven...

...we still got a long way to go.

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