Sunday, June 26, 2016


There have been seventy-six years since the hurried withdrawal of the British forces from Europe. The pressure of the German Nazi armies invading France, cornered the British Expeditionary Force in the port city of Dunkirk. However that day, 4 of June, 1940 Churchill reminded the country that "...we must be very careful not to assign to this deliverance the attributes of a victory. Wars are not won by evacuations”.
Four years later almost to the day, they went back to Europe in Juno Beach, Normandy.

How about Brexit? To escape from continental Europe under pressure from Germany and against the will of France is tantamount an evacuation of sorts. At least an evacuation of the premises of the European Union in Brussels. No criticism there. It has been the democratic will of the British people, however misled by the eurosceptic politicians, but freely and conscientiously. Or not so?

We heard Granny saying, as she was holding her fine china cup of tea in her trembling hand: “So we are out? How lovely! We shouldn't have gotten mixed up with those continentals...I still remember the blitz”. And Billyboy dreaming he’ll sweep a job from next door Pakistani so he can get out of the dole a few weeks and perhaps get a new tattoo… Not that they voted, God forbid! ...”The polls are so middle class…”, she said. And Billyboy would only know the betting side of the elections.

The City pundits did not clearly say if they hated more Brussels regulations or the Frankfurt and Paris stock exchanges continuous growth. And the Manchester City Football club is not sure they could enroll new European players next season.

Some 3 million people have already signed up for a new referendum. Scotland and Northern Ireland are planning theirs to “remain” in the EU, obviously as independent states from the UK.

Will see. But Brexit may well be a Dunkirk exercise, just to wait out the implementation of the TTIP agreements, and the Americans to the rescue…


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