Saturday, September 02, 2017

L'IDC (L'imam dels collons)

It is quite obvious the news spread by "El Periodico de Catalunya" is a fabrication provided by the dark bottom of the Spanish government. And not a very good one at that. It contains so many errors, many of them certainly made by a non-native English speaking person, plus someone not familiar with the forms and shape of confidential reports. The editor of El Periodico, Enric Hernàndez is a well-known liar from previous incidents. None of the El Periodico staff wanted to sign the report and they resisted it could be signed by a generic "Redacción", the news desk, so he had to sign it himself. This afternoon a meeting of El Periodico workers will be held and most probably they will demand Mr. Hernandez resignation.

It is regrettable the doings and undoings of the Spanish secret apparatus are so misdirected. Some sort of Keystone Cops, stumbling over themselves, or perhaps a recreation of Maxwell Smart, Agent 89, the famous secret agent of the 60's-70's TV series. The "Guardia civil", although considerably changed in the past years, still drags over the bad reputation gotten when the Director was found to be a crook (Luis Roldan) and its chief officer a murderer (General Galindo). That plus the pathetic image offered in the Congreso de los Diputados staged coup in February 23rd, 1981.

If one wants to forge a CIA document, at least you should use an English keyboard. That'll keep you from many errors. Otherwise, the people used to sort out documents as legit or fakes, will call your bluff sooner rather than later. It took just a couple of hours for Julian Assange to call it a fraud and publish it on Twitter. Assange knows this business and has a reputation to keep. Incidentally, he is still a refugee at the Ecuadorian embassy in London because the US wants to get hold of him. The half baked charges of some sexual assault to a couple (Wow!, two chicks at the same time!!) of call girls in Sweden, are what is known in the trade as a "honey trap". Very likely Assange was an FSB asset (Putin's). If he wasn't, he certainly is now.
All these maneuvers to discredit the Catalan Police, els Mossos d'Esquadra, are to counteract the well gained prestige of the corps in their response to the terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. Their actions, plus the management of the crisis by the Generalitat, was a blatant demonstration that Catalonia is a mature and well-organized society, with most of the trappings needed to become an independent state. The figure of the Mayor dels Mossos, the chief cop, came out very favorably in his tv appearances. This was unbearable for the Spanish nationalist front. In fact, the Spanish government was counting on taking over the commandment of the Mossos to interrupt and counteract the voting next October 1rst. That will be nearly impossible now. Further more, to bring to the front pages a possible misconduct by the Mossos or their superiors in the Catalan administration, on charges of not using the intelligence reports, is just a cover up for all the strange affairs surrounding the figure of Abdelbaqui-es-Sati, the imam of Ripoll. He was the head of the terrorist cell, who died in the explosion in Alcanar the day before the attacks. He had so many police and law infringement records it all smells of an operative agent. Very likely he has been a police informant, probably with the Guardia civil. It is very strange, having spent four years in prison, freed in 2014, he traveled freely to Morocco, Belgium and Switzerland, and at least once he was spotted taking the hajj to Meca with a group of youngsters. His name and passport must have raised a red flag more than once. Unless his records were erased or labeled confidential.

The Spanish government has still a lot to explain.

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