Monday, May 11, 2015

Of black and white

The Economist this week publishes an article on "What a dead white man can teach America about inner-city decay"
In Twitter anounces that the median white American family in 2013 had net assets of $142,000, while the median black family reaches only $11,000 
Then there is Sociology: family composition, school performance, or whatever. The anthropologist on me is ready to understand multifactorial origins in any social situation. But even without considering the saying "It's the economy, stupid!" I see no way to circumvent realities: no money, no dice...
Poverty kills. By starvation, by inanity, by lack of education... or by gunshots from a variety of origins, police included.
When I first visited Washington DC in June 1968, the National Guard was patrolling the area behind the Capitol and I could not reach the hospital where a friend of mine was working. That was the "Burn, baby, burn" first season. Almost half a century later things have not changed much.
Sad, very sad


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