Sunday, August 21, 2011

The end of Gaddafi

Mu'amar #Gaddafi, leader of #Libya for 42 years, has been shot DEAD in vicinity of Rixos Hotel in #Tripoli.
It just came in Twitter and lacks confirmation. Also said that Saif al Islam, son of Gaddafi and head of his mercenary army of SubSaharan mercenaries has been captured by troops of the NTC .
The situation is very confusing but it seems Gaddafi's last hour is coming close.
I've been trying to find some resemblances between the Lybian civil war and The Spanish Civil war, now back 75 years away.
Could the Spaniards have staged a revolt such as the ones we've seen in North Africa against a dictator like Franco?
Would NATO countries helped out bombing Franco's strongholds?
Of course the world was quite another thing back 40 years ago. That and Spain had no oil nor any other strategic goods that would entice Western powers to get involved in any Spain internal struggle.

With a little perspective we will be able to envisionthe situation shortly.

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