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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Would someone tell me what's going on?

Today's The Economist publishes a short but accurate account of the current Spanish political situation under the headline: Anyone wants to run this country?
It’s a nice summary of the current situation. No mention of the “indignados” and what they’ll represent when the election time comes, though.That outstanding figure of 21% unemployment, absolutely out of proportion, needs to be explained too, along with the fact that today’s bond issue, priced at some 5.5% has been sold out mostly to Spanish investors!!!
I mean, really, what’s going on? I seriously doubt Mr Rajoy will be able to explain it all, even less to run the country with his dim wit and lacklustre performance as a parliamentarian in the opposition.
Looks like things will get worse, before they get better and I fear violence looming in horizon…

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