Monday, August 08, 2011

London riots

I am so sorry and this is not what I was fearing, but the London riots did not come to me as a surprise. As they say: something's got to give.
Life in Tottenham, Croydon or Hackney is quite probably harder than in Chamberi or Lavapies and the demostrations in Madrid by the #15M indignados had an original very peaceful compromise. Despite police provocations they have managed to mantain violence at the lowest level. And the crowds demonstarting in Tel Aviv yesterday took good lesson and acted similarly.
The London scenario has probably different settings and I have no doubt there are criminals taking advantage of the situation, but I worry about the possibility of contagion in other areas.
Violence has many faces, and less than €600 salaries while bankers are reaping billionary profits is just another face of violence.

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